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Change your ride. And you’ll change your world.

Biking should be a breeze. Not a battle. Whether you’re zipping around city corners, coasting through the countryside or tackling tough terrain, our high-end e-bike system will be with you every step of the way. Smart, smooth, silent and powerful, it comes pre-installed on a wide range of bicycle brands. And is built on a century of successful technology-driven innovations by the world’s #1 leader in the bike industry. Not only will it transform your ride, but it will also transform your life.

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Which switch?


It's all about the tech

Find out why you can ride smarter, smoother, faster and further than ever before.
  • Natural riding feeling
    Smooth and silent ergonomic components and intuitive pedal power make biking a breeze. While its street-smart attitude helps you navigate nimbly around corners and unexpected obstacles.
  • Long range
    Explore the world, trusting your bike to always get you home. It goes 170km* on a single charge – while preserving your energy. Let the chain take the strain – and get a boost when you need it most. * In Eco-mode
  • Smartphone connectivity
    Wirelessly connect to your smartphone apps and customise your ride. Choose what you view – speed, mileage, mode and more – and how you view it. You’ll have all the data at your fingertips. 

Compact and lightweight

Stay light on your feet
The small motor packs a punch – and weighs next to nothing. It’s so quiet you won’t even know it’s there as you cruise along. 

Electronic (Di2) and automatic shifting

Forget about shifting
The unique gear-shifting system takes the slog out of the cog and ensures a seamless, stress-free ride. It intuitively switches gears to match your speed. And when you stop, will automatically shift down to a low gear – ready for an easy start.

Durable 5-speed hub

Take the rough with the smooth
No matter how rough the going gets, the hardy high-performance hub – optimised for e-bikes – will shift smoothly between five speeds. Stress-proof and weather-proof, it will always keep you moving – on a bumpy road or off the beaten track.

Ready to make the switch?