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Are you ready to switch to adventure mode?

Want to go faster and further? Explore the world around you? And return home with plenty left in your battery? We’ll show you how to tackle hills and headwinds, take the rough with the smooth and ride at one with nature.

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Features & benefits

Compact and lightweight

Stay light on your feet
The motor may be small, but it packs a punch – and weighs next to nothing. It’s so quiet you won’t even notice it as you fly along.

Durable 5-speed hub

Take the rough with the smooth
No matter how rough the going gets, the hardy high-performance hub – optimised for e-bikes – will shift smoothly between five speeds. Stress-proof and weather-proof, it will always keep you moving – on a bumpy road or off the beaten track.

Long range

Go the distance
Explore the world, trusting your bike will always get you home. It goes 170km* on a single charge – while preserving your energy. Let the chain take the strain – and get a boost when you need it most.  * In Eco-mode

Switch to our new SHIMANO STEPS E6100

It’s all about the tech

Find out why you can ride smarter, smoother, faster and further than ever before.

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