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Meet Shimano’s performance-driven e-bike flat shoes

Shimano releases ET5 e-bike flat pedal touring shoes that deliver uncompromising tech-driven performance and comfort – both on and off the bike.

Looking to add that extra edge to your e-bike rides? Shimano just revealed their new flat-soled ET5 shoes that lift you to that next-level of efficiency, comfort and walkability. While the Shimano ET5 may look very cool, they are created from a scientific approach that’s based on a century’s worth of cycling innovations. They expertly meet the unique demands of riding an e-bike. Both on and off the bike, you’ll feel more secure, confident and effective in every move you make.

On the bike

Through our Shimano Pedaling Science that’s incorporated throughout every aspect of the ET5 shoes, you get that feeling of wrapping your foot around the platform of the pedal for ultimate control and connection with the bike. This is especially important as higher speeds reached on an e-bike mean higher demands on the rider. Key features include:


• Power Transfer Blade technology: Semi-rigid midsole plate for efficient pedalling power transfer. You’ll feel that your full effort is converted into watts. 


• The outsole is made of high-friction material and includes uniquely designed, adaptive cross-groves. Shoe angle can be adjusted (from 0 to 10°) to match your pedalling style. This buys you full comfort for those long rides. It also allows you to firmly grab the pedal under any circumstances – no matter your pedal preference. Go ahead and push hard on the pedals, knowing you’ll remain in full control.
• Mini Power Strap lacing system gives you a completely secure fit for that connected feeling with your bike.


• Optimised sole stiffness improves riding comfort.
• Reinforced toe area minimises toe flex when trying to lift up the front of the foot on the upstroke.


• Toe box protection, reinforced sidewalls and reflective detailing further keep you out of harm’s way.

Off the bike

With any great cycling adventure, there will always come a time when you gotta hop off the bike and go by foot. Whether it be to clear an obstacle or to sit at a café along the way, it makes all the difference in the world when you feel very comfortable and secure in your shoes. Shimano took every possible walking or hiking scenario into account to scientifically design the ET5 to be just as effective during these off-the-bike moments. Key features include:


• Sole curve design adapted from trekking shoes gives you a natural heel strike and toe-off walking feeling. You’ll really enjoy this additional comfort and stability, especially on gravel roads.
• EVA foam construction boosts walking comfort while reducing weight.
• Breathable mesh is incorporated throughout the whole shoe for all-day comfort.


•  Its durable outsole, with special block pattern at the toe and heel areas, is designed specifically for handling the rigors of off-road walking/running. There’s also a smart groove built into the outsole for water and mud draining. What you’ll notice is solid traction for that safe feeling at all times.

Ready to explore?

Shimano ET5 shoes inspire you to explore your freedom. Head outdoors with full confidence, knowing that you’re covered no matter where the road takes you.

To get the most out of your Shimano ET5 e-bike shoes, pair them with PD-T8000/PD-M324/PD-GR500/PD-M8041 (men) or PD-T8000/PD-M324/PD-GR500/PD-M8040 (women) pedals.

Available sizes and colours

Women: 36-44, Gold, Blue (Weight: 315 g, size 40)
Men: 36-48, Black, Red, Neon Yellow (Weight: 325 g, size 42)