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Shimano E-bike Systems

Product information

Shimano offers a wide variety of e-bike systems so you can easily find one that’s perfectly in sync with your riding style. Choose a system from our city and trekking, cargo or MTB lines that ticks off all your requirements.

City and trekking e-bike systems

It might feel a bit strange to hear that our e-bike systems are built to resemble riding a normal bike. But that’s exactly how it is. Thanks to the intuitive pedaling assistant, you will hardly notice that you’re riding an e-bike. 

E-MTB systems

Are you ready to explore new grounds? Thanks to our e-MTB systems, there’s a lot more to discover. Powerful enough to tackle that steep, tricky bit of trail, yet intuitive enough to give you just the right amount of support to hit the technical single-tracks with confidence. 

E-Cargo systems

Going car-light or car-free in the city has never been easier. Our E-Cargo systems are specially designed to take the load off. They do the donkey work so you can focus on the enjoyment of riding your family through the city – and breezing past traffic jams with your groceries and goods.

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