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Create your personal e-power assistant

With the SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB firmware update

You’ll experience a much more intuitive ride

Customise Boost and Trail modes to your personal preferences

Adjust your Shimano e-MTB system anywhere

Using the Shimano E-tube app on your pc, tablet or smartphone, you can easily adjust the Boost and Trail modes on your SHIMANO STEPS E8000 or SHIMANO STEPS E7000 bike, to create your personal e-power assistant. Choose high Boost to tackle steep climbs. Switch to low Trail to have optimal traction. Adjust your settings on the fly with our trailside Bluetooth connection. No cables needed!

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The SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB firmware update

With the SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB firmware update, you can now individually customise SHIMANO STEPS’ Boost and Trail power-assist levels to match your style of riding. Choose between high, medium and low support. Using on-the-trail Bluetooth firmware, you can easily adjust your drive unit’s e-power on the fly.

How it rides

With the increase of power-assist level possibilities, you’ll experience a much more intuitive ride. Your e-bike will feel like an extension of your body, reacting exactly as expected – at all times and on all terrains.


Choice of three modes

The setting options are displayed as (current) Dynamic mode, along with the newly added Explorer and Custom modes.
All three options include Eco power-assist, in addition to Boost and Trail.

Dynamic mode

Dynamic mode is the “factory default” setting. Its Boost level is set to high for maximum power assist and Trail level set to low. Its high Boost gives you max support to tackle the steepest of climbs. The low Trail helps you to have max control through challenging technical sections by providing optimal traction.  

Explorer mode

The Explorer mode is set on medium level for both Boost and Trail. This mode setting is designed to give you the ideal balance between boosting your normal pace, while taking a bit off the top end speed through technically challenging sections for solid control. 

Custom mode

The Custom mode gives you full control over choosing your ideal power-assist levels for Eco, Boost and Trail. By setting them to your personal riding style, you will instantly feel more connected to your bike and with the trails. Passing from one type of terrain to the next will feel like seamless transitions, when supplied with the correct support to match your unique needs.

Trail mode enhancements

The SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB firmware includes an intuitive enhancement to the Trail mode. Its assist level automatically adjusts according to pedal pressure. The harder you pedal, the stronger the pedal-assist will support you.

Basically, the drive unit quickly and seamlessly self-adjusts to match your riding style. It can range from low support if you’re on technically demanding terrain to a max torque of 70Nm to help glide you up the steepest of mountain passes.

As the support level is automatically adjusted for you, there is no need to change between levels set on the Trail mode. This allows you to fully concentrate on the trails ahead, knowing you’ll have complete support and optimal control on the bike.

Downloading SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB firmware update

The SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB firmware update is available to download from Shimano’s E-TUBE website. Download now to immediately take advantage of our latest firmware developments.

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