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E-Cargo systems

Going car-light or car-free in the city has never been easier. Our E-Cargo systems are specially designed to take the load off. They do the donkey work so you can focus on the enjoyment of riding your family through the city – and breezing past traffic jams with your groceries and goods.

Convenience never felt so good. Easy to park, easy to pedal, cargo bikes equipped with our E-Cargo systems will transform school runs, deliveries, the daily haul or unexpected errands – and keep you happy and healthy. Ready to upgrade your urban life?

Why choose our SHIMANO STEPS E-Cargo systems?

Performance and quality you can rely on

  • Complete system of dedicated components
    A complete E-Cargo system – from brakes and cranks to motors and software support. 
  • Perfect harmony
    Designed to work in sync with all other parts to deliver an unparalleled performance
  • Equipped on leading European brands of cargo bikes 
    You're guaranteed to find the perfect E-Cargo model to match your body, riding style and personal taste. 

Choose the system that fits your needs

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