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E-MTB systems

Are you ready to explore new grounds? Thanks to our e-MTB systems there’s a lot more to discover. Powerful enough to tackle that steep, tricky bit of trail, yet intuitive enough to give you just the right amount of support to hit the technical single-tracks with confidence. And there is more to it: our e-MTB systems are designed to let you maneuver your bike as if you were riding a normal mountain bike. So, what are you waiting for? Adventure is just around the corner. 

Why choose our SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB systems?

#1 in performance, quality and reliability

  • Proven technology
    Built on 35 years of MTB pioneering, our e-MTB systems serves as the undisputed benchmark in the industry.
  • Perfect harmony
    Designed to work in sync with all other components to deliver an unparalleled performance.
  • Equipped on 70+ brands of mountain bikes
    This guarantees that you’ll find that perfect e-MTB to match your body, riding style and personal taste. 

Choose the system that fits your needs

SHIMANO STEPS MTB equipped e-bikes

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