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Product information E7000

Discover the SHIMANO STEPS E7000 system

SHIMANO STEPS E7000 is an all-terrain MTB e-bike system of components. It’s built on the latest technologies developed for our successful e-MTB (E8000) system which serves as undisputed benchmark in the e-MTB industry. You can find SHIMANO STEPS E7000 e-bike system pre-installed on a wide variety of brands and models.

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The E7000 drive unit’s design, both inside and out, is modelled after our compact and lightweight e-MTB (E8000).

It rides like a normal mountain bike thanks to its small size that allows it to be built on the same frame geometry. Its low profile with durable protective cover is designed to handle the rigors of off-road riding while clearing protruding roots and rocks. It can be counted on for a controlled, smoother riding experience.  

  • Extremely low weight of 2.8 kg for improved bike handling
  • Compact drive unit for natural pedalling feeling with more obstacle clearance  
  • Fully customizable, nearly silent support that’s smooth and easy to operate
  • Narrow Q-Factor for a natural riding feel with power-assist on or off  
  • Rigidly built for solid power transfer
  • Incredibly durable / mud-resistant for all weather conditions

Read more about the technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Narrow 177 mm Q-Factor with zero offset to match feeling and handling of a normal mountain bike
  • High 250 W power with max torque of 60 Nm for solid performance  
  • Noise level: -2 dB (vs E8000)
  • Designed for optimal rigidity for ideal power transfer  
  • Reliable, intuitive pedal-assist for a seamless riding experience
  • Weatherproof and waterproof


Lightweight, fully integrated drivetrain developed using Shimano’s proven technology. Delivers reliability and confidence, no matter where the road takes you.

  • Lightweight drivetrain for increased responsiveness
  • Low profile for offroad riding
  • Chainring options: 34T or 38T for 10s or 11s, in both 50 mm and 53 mm chainline  
  • Crank length options: 165 mm, 170 mm, 175 mm
  • O.L.D.: 135 mm
Switch unit

Switch unit

The ergonomic, adjustable layout of the brand new switch buttons makes it a breeze to remain in control at all times. Superb fingertip shifting of support settings and gearing that’s simple and easy to operate.

  • Left-hand control set up for switching support settings (Off – Eco – Trail – Boost – Power Walk Assist)
  • Right-hand control for switching gears (Di2) 

Support modes:

  • Boost: Complete support for a max boost and expert climbing – choose between high, medium, or low level of assist
  • Trail: Intuitively smooth gradated support through technical terrain. Automatically adjusts its level of support based on pedal pressure. Choose between high, medium, or low level of assist.
  • Eco: Solid support for those long expeditions.
  • Power Walk Assist: Assists you when you need to get off the bike and walk it – simple to activate

Read more about the technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • All settings (except Walk) offer support up to 25 km/h
  • For bikes equipped with Di2, there is an additional optional switch to operate gears
Computer Display

Computer Display

Lightweight, low profile display that’s designed for offroad riding. Includes every function you’ll ever need. Or you can opt to wirelessly connect to your smartphone or third-party device.

  • Bluetooth LE / ANT private
  • 4 cm (1.39 in) LCD black-white display with handlebar mount
  • Display functions include time, assist mode, battery charge level, speed, gear indicator (Di2 only), distance, total mileage, riding time, estimated range, cadence, error messages
  • Lightweight for improved bike handling 
  • Low profile for riding through tight trails
  • Compatible with SHIMANO STEPS components
  • Wirelessly customize your preferences from smartphone or tablet using E-TUBE app

Read more about the technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Multiple mounting options
  • Monitor Di2 gear position, battery life and other functions using Shimano D-Fly Data Management system 

Programming specifications

Wirelessly program your preferences with smartphone, tablet or computer via E-TUBE, Shimano’s application that allows you program/update your bicycle's firmware and change Di2 settings. 

Choice of three modes

Support settings available in three combination modes: Dynamic, Explorer, Custom. With each setting, Eco and Walk remain unchanged and available. 

  • Dynamic Mode: Factory default with Boost set on high, Trail set on low. 
  • Explorer Mode: Boost and Trail set on medium.
  • Custom Mode: Choose your support level for both Boost and Trail to match your unique riding style and intended terrain.


Ultra-durable, powerful, long-lasting Li-Ion battery designed for all your offroad adventures.

  • High-quality lithium-ion battery for confidence to go the distance
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss 
  • Quick charging time for those who are always on the go
  • Equipped with 418 Wh or 504 Wh battery, internal or external – depending on the bike brand / model you choose  

Read more about the technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Quick charging time (EC-E6000 charger) of 504 Wh: 80% in 2.5 hours, from 0 to 100% in 5 hours
  • Quick charging time (EC-E6000 charger) of 418 Wh: 80% in 2 hours, from 0 to 100% in 4 hours 

Frequently Asked Questions

General information

    What is SHIMANO STEPS?
    SHIMANO STEPS is Shimano’s e-bike system. STEPS stands for SHIMANO Total Electric Power System. Shimano incorporates its extensive experience and success in bike componentry into the creation of its premium e-bike systems.

    Does SHIMANO STEPS make e-bikes?
    Shimano does not make e-bikes. We only produce the e-bike systems as well as complete drivetrains that work seamlessly with our systems. Take a look here to discover which bike brands in your country incorporate SHIMANO STEPS.

    Can I purchase a SHIMANO STEPS system?
    SHIMANO STEPS is only sold pre-installed on bicycles that are uniquely built to incorporate SHIMANO STEPS technology. SHIMANO STEPS cannot be purchased separately for self-installation. If you own a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike and need spare parts, visit your SHIMANO STEPS dealer. Your dealer can also arrange for an experienced mechanic to replace them for you.

    How fast does a SHIMANO STEPS equipped e-bike go?
    All e-bikes in the EU provide support up to 25 km/h, a speed limit imposed by EU law. As long as the e-bike’s support adheres to this limit, it is considered a normal bike. 

  • Installation

    Can I install SHIMANO STEPS on any bike?
    No. SHIMANO STEPS only works on frames specifically designed by the bike manufacturer to work with this system. To see which bike brands are working with SHIMANO STEPS, take a look here.

    Can I replace my bike’s e-bike system with SHIMANO STEPS?
    If your current e-bike is not equipped with SHIMANO STEPS, you cannot make this replacement.

  • Brands

    How to find bikes with SHIMANO STEPS?
    SHIMANO STEPS is only sold pre-installed on bikes. To discover which bike brands in your country offer bikes equipped with SHIMANO STEPS, check out the list here.

    Where to buy SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes?
    You can buy a SHIMANO STEPS equipped bike at your preferred SHIMANO STEPS dealer. Find dealers here.

  • Test rides

    Where to test SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes?
    If you want to try a SHIMANO STEPS equipped bike, you can go to your local SHIMANO STEPS dealer or go to one of the SHIMANO STEPS test events across Europe.

  • Road Rules

    Where can I ride my SHIMANO STEPS equipped bike?
    You can ride SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes in all areas where a normal bike may ride.  

    Does my e-bike require license or registration?
    SHIMANO STEPS e-bikes require no driver’s license or registration. 

  • Warranty

    What is the SHIMANO STEPS warranty?
    SHIMANO STEPS comes with a warranty period of two years.  

  • Waterproof

    Is the SHIMANO STEPS system waterproof?
    Yes, the SHIMANO STEPS system is waterproof for use under normal riding conditions, including heavy rain. Please do not use a high pressure washer to clean your bike.

  • Customization

    Can I tune my SHIMANO STEPS to increase the power-assist speed limit?
    Due to strict regulations governing e-bikes, it is neither allowed nor recommended to alter the speed of your SHIMANO STEPS e-bike. The regulations are set in place to avoid dangerous situations.

  • Di2 shifting

    What is Di2 shifting?
    Di2 is Shimano’s electronic shifting system. The advantage of Di2 is faster, smoother shifting with minimal effort. When installed on a SHIMANO STEPS equipped city / comfort e-bike, you also benefit from auto shift functions. 

    How to upgrade my SHIMANO STEPS e-bike to Di2 shifting?
    You will need to consult with your SHIMANO STEPS dealer to make this happen. Their qualified mechanic will need to adjust your system’s original settings to make it work seamlessly with Di2. 

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